Vehicle Loading Crane (HRWL Class CV)

TLILIC0012 Licence to operate a vehicle loading crane (capacity 10 metre tonnes and above)  is developed for workers who operate a VLC  mounted on a vehicle for the purpose of loading and unloading such a vehicle, including load estimation and slinging techniques to move a load. A significant proportion of the training is spent operating in a simulated or actual workplace environment, in line with the unit of competency and industry-standard requirements.

This unit is based on the licencing requirements of Part 4.5 of the model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations and meets Commonwealth, State and Territory HRWL requirements. Organisations and operators in Australia have an obligation to ensure safe work practices are implemented.

During the course participants will:

  • Work in accordance with relevant legislation, companies polices, procedures and instructions

  • Identifying hazards and ways they can be eliminated or minised

  • Moving and placing load/s in work area

Units of Competency

On successful completion of this program, participants will receive a Statement of Attainment for:

  • TLILIC0012 Licence to operate a vechile loading crane (capacity 10 metre tonnes and above)
  • Duration
    3 days
  • Delivery Mode
    Face to face

  • Location

  • Pre-requisites / entry requirements

    • Dogging Licence (Class DG)
    • Must be 18 years old to apply for a HRW Licence
  • Requirements
    Full PPE

  • Outcome
    Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment

    N.B HRW licence is issued through WHSQ

  • Cost
    $ 990.00 pp (no GST applies)

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  • Verification of Competency (VoC) available

Payment Plan
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Qld Licence Requirements

Vehicle loading crane operators are required to hold a CV Class High Risk Work Licence (HRWL) to operate a VLC in the workplace.

Who needs Vehicle Loading Crane training?

A vehicle loading crane licence is required by, and suitable for, those working in operation roles where they are required to operate a VLC within the civil, construction, infrastructre or resources industries.

All users, trainees and operators are required to hold a relevant certificate of competency unless they are undergoing supervised accredited training and have the necessary health and fitness required to safely operate a VLC.

Operators that hold a higher class of crane licence (C2 / C6 / C1 / CO) already encompass the CV licence.

Find out which licences are covered here

Participants are responsible for completing the application for the HRW Licence which can be found on the WorkSafe Qld website.

Application: After successful completion, participants need to apply for their licence within 60 days with WHSQ

Renewal: Five (5) year expiry as required by WHSQ

How it Works

The 3 day course consists of:

  • 2 days of formative training
  • 1 day under assessment

Learning Methods

ASTRA use various assessment methods and techniques, including skill and knowledge assessments as an essential step to ensure you progress through your course. You may be assessed in a number of ways while you are studying and training with ASTRA, including observation, written assessment, questioning, portfolios, work samples, third-party feedback, and in some cases through recognition of prior learning.

Before commencing any course, ASTRA recommends you consult your doctor to determine any limitations with conducting practical demonstrations if applicable. There may be multiple tasks that require manual handling of materials and equipment and general exposure to accessing and working on structures at height. If you are unsure about your capabilities please contact the ASTRA team for further assistance and to determine the support services in place to assist your training experience.

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