Administer the implementation of fatigue management strategies

Regardless of the industry or location, employers have an obligation to effectively manage fatigue related hazards and risks associated with their employees at work.

Apply fatigue management strategies

Fatigue management is the process of identifying the hazards, consequences and risks associated with work related fatigue with particular emphasis on the associated safety risks.

Establish and maintain the WHS management system (G7)

Gain the knowledge, skills and ability to establish and maintain WHS Management Systems in the resources and infrastructure industry.

Health and Safety Representative 5-Day Training Course

Designed to provide participants the practical knowledge and skills to liaise with other staff to identify Work Health and Safety (WHS) issues as a HSR rep.

Health and Safety Representative Refresher Training Course

Designed to refresh participants practical knowledge and skills to liaise with other staff to identify Work Health and Safety (WHS) issues as a HSR Rep 

Identify, locate and protect underground services

Covers the basic duty of care for locating underground services, prior to the commencement of any excavation works

Low Voltage Rescue and CPR

The LVR component of this training covers the skills and knowledge required for a person to be able to carry out a risk assessment of an electrically hazardous situation and perform low voltage rescue procedures without hazard to themselves or others

Mental Health First Aid

The Standard Mental Health First Aid course will teach you how to provide initial support to other adults who may be experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves, using a practical, evidence based Action Plan.

Perform Inspection

 Be approved as a competent person to inspect fall arrest equipment at least every 6 months, as per the requirements of AS/NZS1891:1-4

Tower Rescue

Gain the skills and knowledge to participate in safe and efficient rescues by applying work at heights and rigging technique methodology safely and competently.