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Our RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heights course is the most practical-based height safety course on the market.

It is specifically designed to develop your knowledge about the dangers of working at heights and how to work safely in order to earn a working at heights certification.

Our working at heights course (previously known as RIIWHS204D Work Safely at Heights), provides practical skills and knowledge required for you to work at heights safely and competently, regardless of the industry.

In the program you will complete several height scenarios and practical demonstrations on a variety of different structures and towers. 

ASTRA Group’s working at heights course also teaches your obligations and requirements under relevant Australian Standards and Codes of Practice and how to use and inspect gear and equipment correctly and safely.

Our comprehensive RIIWHS204E course adheres to industry best-practices for working safely at heights, with a key focus on the safe identification and management of potential falls from height.

RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heights training provides the essential and nationally recognised accreditation for working safely at heights. This course specifically provides operational workers across a wide range of industries with the essential competencies required for anyone working safely at heights. 

These roles include but are not limited to:

  • Solar Panel cleaners and installers 
  • Scaffolders
  • Tradesman – electrical, installation, building, carpentry, plumbing
  • Plant / Equipment and Machinery Operators
  • Roof workers
  • Site Rescue personnel
  • Tower workers / telecom workers
  • Auditors and Building inspectors

Renewal: We recommend every two (2) years to maintain currency in line with Codes of Practice and as endorsed by Industry.

At ASTRA, we use various assessment methods and techniques to ensure you progress through your working at heights course, with ongoing skill and knowledge assessments being an essential step. While earning your working at heights ticket with ASTRA, you will be assessed in several ways. Some of the key assessment methods employed include observation, written assessments, questioning, scenarios and simulated activities.

To ensure a safe and effective learning experience for all students, ASTRA requires attendees to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). All personnel enrolled in courses and attending training facilities must have enclosed, lace-up footwear with sturdy non-slip soles. All further support and guidance surrounding PPE will be provided following your enrolment in the course.

Prior to commencing the RIIWHS204E Work safely at heights course, ASTRA recommends consulting a doctor to determine any physical limitations that may impact your ability to complete practical demonstrations. While a general level of health and fitness is usually sufficient to earn your RIIWHS204E accreditation, you must be able to perform some mildly strenuous activity. There may be multiple tasks in the working at heights course that require manual handling of materials and equipment, as well as general exposure to accessing and working on structures at height.

Do you still have questions about what is required of you in this course, or are unsure about your capabilities of obtaining a working at heights certification? If so, please contact our dedicated team for further assistance and to determine the support services in place to assist your training experience.

Nationally Recognised

Following the successful completion of our working at heights course, participants will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for:

  • RIIWHS204E Work safely at heights 

(previously known as RIIWHS204D Work Safely at Heights)

Your Future Skills Begin Here

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) is an industry-funded body supporting employers, workers, apprentices, trainees and carer seekers in the building and construction industry.

Dates below for the upcoming RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heights course and enrol! If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with us today.

Upcoming Courses

RIIWHS204E Training dates are available every month at our Head Office in Brisbane, and at our partner facility in Cairns with Cairns Height Safety

If you would like further information on payment plans reach out to the team today or feel free to read more here.


NameDateTimeLocationAvailable SpacesCost
Working at Heights30 May 202407:30 amBrendale7$219.00
Working at Heights13 June 202407:30 amBrendale8$219.00
Working at Heights27 June 202407:30 amBrendale8$219.00
Working at Heights11 July 202407:30 amBrendale8$219.00
Working at Heights25 July 202407:30 amBrendale8$219.00
Working at Heights7 August 202407:30 amBrendale8$219.00
Working at Heights22 August 202407:30 amBrendale8$219.00
Working at Heights5 September 202407:30 amBrendale8$219.00
Working at Heights19 September 202407:30 amBrendale8$219.00


There are currently no openings available for this course.

Our place or yours

Here at ASTRA, we offer contextualised training to suit your industry roles and requirements. Our nationally recognised training will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to earn your working at heights ticket.

Contact us now about becoming qualified with a working at heights ticket and accelerate your career path today!

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  • Full PPE
  • Enclosed lace-up shoes

Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment: RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heights (previously known as RIIWHS204D Work Safely at Heights)

$219.00 pp (no GST applies)

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