Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) may be defined in a number of ways, however, all definitions include the key notion that:

RPL involves the assessment of previously unrecognised skills and knowledge an individual has achieved outside the formal education and training systems

RPL Assessment can result in a Statement of Attainment/s being awarded for singular or multiple units of competency or a full Qualification.

Your Experience Matters

What matters in the RPL process is that the knowledge and skills you have gained over time help to meet the learning outcomes and assessment criteria of the unit/s of competency or qualification for which you are seeking RPL. You are encouraged to apply for RPL if you believe you possess the skills and knowledge identified in the outcomes of a unit of competency or qualification.

Remember, to have skills formally recognised, assessors must make sure you have the skills and knowledge to meet the industry standard.

Funding Availability

The BERT Training Fund (BTF) assists in the training of workers in the building and construction industry who are members of the Building Employees Redundancy Trust (BERT).

Training available under this funding include short courses through to Cert IV and Diplomas.

Read more information about BERT here.

Is RPL the right pathway for you?

Industry Experience

Can you show industry experience?

Do you have 2+ yrs of industry experience and can you supply a resume or work history?

Workplace Evidence

Can you supply workplace evidence?

Workplace evidence can include position descriptions, third party reports, workplaces policies, procedures and signed documents.

Formal Training

Can you supply copies of formal training?

Qualifications, Statement of Attainments, Verification of Competency (VoC), workplace-based training and site familiarisation.

How to prepare

Here are some timps and hints for you:

Be prepared to talk about your job roles and your work history. Update your resume and jot down a few points about where you have worked, either paid or unpaid, and what you did there.  

Attach a position description and any performance appraisals you have from any businesses you currently work for or have previously worked in.

Consider the possibilities for workplace contact.

Are you in a workplace that is supporting your goal to get qualified? Would you feel comfortable having the assessor contact your workplace or previous workplaces so your skills can be validated?

Think about who can confirm your skill level. Think about current or recent supervisors who have seen you work in the past 18 months and will be able to confirm your skills. The assessor may need to contact them.

You may also have community contacts or even clients themselves who can vouch for your skill level.

Collect any relevant certificates from in-house training or formal training you may have completed in the past.

You can speak with ASTRA about other ways you can show your skill in the industry sector.

These could be letters from employers, records of your professional development sessions, employers or client in related industries or government agencies, acknowledgements, workplace forms (as long as they don’t show client details).

Previous experience contributing to the attainment of qualification or unit

Credit Transfer
Previous accreditation contributing towards attainment of a qualification or unit

Bridging RPL
Previous version of unit contributing towards attainment of an updated unit

What Constitutes as Evidence?

Some key points to consider that ASTRA will use to verify what is suppies as “quality evidence’:

  • Current
    The evidence must demonstrate your competence to date. Evidence should be drawn from workplace examples that are no more than three years old, and include evidence of work completed within the past 12 months.

    This is a general guide only, please speak to ASTRA if you are unsure.

  • Sufficient
    You must provide enough evidence to demonstrate competency.

  • Valid 
    It is relevant to the skills and knowledge being assessed.

  • Authentic
    You must be able to prove that the evidence is your own work.

Still unsue about RPL?

Download a copy of our RPL Information Pack here

I’m interested, check my eligibility

Navigating your RPL eligibility can be difficult, that’s why we’re here to help.

By completing our RPL Help Form, the ASTRA Training Team can create a response based on your needs.
This includes eligibility, training and funding possibilities.

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