Project Description

Height Access Safety Management: A Total Solution

ASTRA were engaged to provide a holistic solution for a high profile construction project that entailed significant exposure to worker height safety – access, positioning and rescue capability.

In response, and with 24 hrs notice, ASTRA was able to draw on the experience of specialist resources through our partnership with The School of Height and:

  • contextualised the relevant Training packages to reflect the workplace environment constraints;
  • sourced and supplied the specialist access and rescue equipment necessary to undertake the ongoing scope of work;
  • delivered a range of training programs at the project site that incorporated addressing the unique constraints faced by the client;
  • prepared draft Work Method Statements specific to that working environment;
  • prepared a draft Height Rescue Plan that incorporated use of the specialist equipment supplied and the rescue techniques incorporated within the training programs.

The Client has subsequently confirmed that ASTRA would be their preferred supplier for Consultancy and Training relevant to all aspects of Height safety.

Project Details


July to August 2018


SE QLD Project Site


Civil Construction


Full compliance with relevant legislative obligations

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