NHVR Chain of Responsibility Training Program Funding Initiative

Chain of Responsibility Training Program Funding Initiative

11th April 2023, it was a Tuesday afternoon. 

Easter vibes were in full affect, and a sense that Autumn has eyes for Winter was well and truly in the air.

So, what better time for the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to announce a once-off funding initiative. 

The scope? 

To support the development and delivery of Chain of Responsibility (CoR) training and education projects. 

The intention of this funding – To help boost safety across the supply chain.

Here’s a quick summary of the funding details: 

  • Targeting: businesses that use heavy vehicle transport
  • Intention: Fund the development and delivery tailored training programs, focused on the Chain of Responsibility (CoR).
  • Total value: 1.7M
  • Maximum Application per business: $300,000
  • Co-contribution by the funded business: Yes – no specific amount 
  • Applications open: 11th April 2023
  • Applications close: 5th May 2023 (get your skates on)
  • Project commencement: 2023-24 FY starting from October 2023
  • Project completion: within two years. 

Lets go a bit deeper on the specifics and intent of the funding. 

The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) provision in the Heavy Vehicle National Law ensures that everyone who works with heavy vehicles – from the business that employs a driver to the place where goods are delivered – is accountable for safety. 

To ensure safety in the heavy vehicle industry it is imperative that each member of the entire supply chain is aware of their duty and is part of the education process.

That’s where the funding comes in. 

The purpose of the funding is to enable development and delivery of education and training on topics that addresses a range of CoR related criteria that aligns with the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

Resources required to implement the project.

The development and delivery of this scope is massive to meet the funding criteria. 

Unless your business is resourced to the teeth with back-office functions for safety and training, chances are you might need to put up your hand for help. 

Here’s a couple of things you need to be considering to execute this project effectively: 

Capability to deliver quality training 

You’ll need to demonstrate you have the capacity and capability to deliver the training/training materials that are authoritative, consistent with the law, adapted to the audience, comply with training best practice, and of good quality.


Reach of audience 
Demonstrate how you can tailor to your geographic location and spread. (Where’s your project reach and how can you ensure you are considering all regional and geographic influences and barriers that come with that)

Principles about the primary duty and/or the executive due diligence duty
Demonstrate how the training will align with these principles.  You’ll need a powerhouse training engine-room with some content-developers and instructional designers here. 

Detailed gap analysis
 Demonstrate how the project addresses a current gap in existing tailored CoR training resources. As above, labour-heavy so get your team organised. 

How to apply

It’s a surprisingly short and easy application, but here lies the problem. 

You’ve got a seriously small word count to demonstrate your project objectives, implementation plan and most importantly your point of difference to set your business aside from other applications. 

Here’s the application details: 

  • submit a completed application form 
  • Outline the objectives of the training program, including the target audience, how the training will be delivered and a detailed project budget
  • provide all mandatory attachments
  • email the application to HVSI@nhvr.gov.au 
  • Submit it by 5pm  5 May 2023.

Why are we telling you this? 

Read the funding submission guideline and you’ll see the word development come up – alot. 

Make no mistake – this isn’t funding to go out and complete generic CoR Level 1 Training and CoR Level 2 Training training with ‘another’ RTO.   You’ll be expected to work with NHVR progressively during the development phase to clearly show you are tailoring business-specific training solutions for your workforce – at all levels.

Remember – emphasis on ‘off-road’ roles. 

We’ve been working with businesses of all sizes for over 16 years to help navigate and understand legal requirements and risk exposures to their business. 

You’ll need tools, strategies and guidance to identify the gaps, apply workable controls you can implement immediately through tailored and effective training programs.  

Unlike other consultants and RTOs offering a square-peg CoR solution, we provide a tailored approach to focus in on all areas of your business operation. 

This funding speaks to our core business in the industry. This is what we do. 

When you see the awarded businesses rolling out training programs under the federal funding initiative, look for our name in the footer. If you want to be one of those businesses, give us a call now. 

5th May isn’t a lot of time to get on your bike and get this ready.   


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