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Car and truck driving on the half way | Astra Group Services
Transport and Logistics

Make Chain of Responsibility work for your business

We are nearly three years on from the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) amendment. By know you are well versed – Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations relate to every party in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain. Under Heavy Vehicle National Law, everyone in the transport supply chain has a legal obligation to ensure breaches

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Apprentice / Trainee
Blogs & Updates

There’s never been a better time to hire

Did you hear? There has never been better time to consider taking on a trainee / apprentice. With the range of funding, incentives and support services available to encourage you to hire, you’ll be hard pressed to disagree. (read on to find out the funding and incentives). Yes, 2020 was a tough year for most.

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Image of diary with 'planning' written on the page | Featured image for Life is Calling blog.
Blogs & Updates

Life is Calling

What a crazy ride we’ve had in 2020 so far. With restrictions being lifted and life heading back towards “the norm”, right now study is the last thing on your mind. We don’t blame you. I’m looking forward to hitting the gym soon. But right now is the perfect time to refresh and upskill yourself

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Person standing in front of a large dozer | Featured image for maintaining Machinery logbooks.
Building and Civil Construction

Maintaining Machinery Logbooks

Logbooks. They’re for trainees, right? Wrong. Logbooks are a gold nugget for machinery operators and here’s why Regardless of the type of machinery you operate or the industry you are in (coal, quarrying, civil, oil and gas, demolition etc) you should be completing a documented record of your operating hours – we call this a

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Book with 'risk' highlighted in purple | Featured image for Risk and WHS Management System Training.
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Risk and WHS Management System Training

Both the knowledge and application of an effective Risk and WHS Management System is a fundamental requirement for anyone working in, or aspiring to be in a management level position in the resources, energy and major projects sectors. Mining, Civil Construction, Oil and Gas, Quarrying, Metalliferous, this applies to all. In light of the current

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Image of Study shown on dice.
Blogs & Updates

Study Skills – Learn Smarter Not Harder

Studying – “the devotion of time and attention to gaining knowledge of a subject.” – Google, 2019 I’m already motivated. But, studying can be a skill in itself. So let’s not jump in hastily. Does mindlessly reading through your notes or textbooks sound like an effective method of studying? Unlikely. The memory is like a

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Latest Covid-19 Updates

Image of Covid19 Helpful Resources banner.

COVID-19 Helpful Resources

Helping you find what you need To continue our customer focus, we wanted to share some links and resources, which may be beneficial to students, workers and businesses. Employees DESBT JobKeeper Queensland Government Support Australian Government Support Business Apprentice and Trainee Wage Support Queensland Government Support and Advice Australian Government Support for Businesses Health Queensland

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