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Carry out the risk management processes (G2)

Commonly known as G2, the RIIRIS402D Carry out the risk management process program covers the skills and knowledge for participants to effectively conduct risk assessments and facilitate risk workshops i.e. Manage risk across a broad range of topic applications and industry settings.

Operate Excavator

Site Safety Supervisor

Our Site Safety Supervisor program (also known as S123) has been designed to effectively train students to be able to Communicate Information, Conduct Safety & Health Investigations and Apply Risk Management processes across a broad range of industries in preparation for their appointments to a supervisory role

Standard 11 (General Mining Induction)

The ASTRA General Mining Induction Program (GMI) not only provides our attendees with the necessary accredited competencies, but also gives a valuable insight into the life of a miner through an innovative and engaging three day workshop

Standard 11 Refresher (General Mining Induction Refresher)

Do you have a Coal Industry recognised Standard 11 Induction? Did you know that section 84 of the QLD Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation requires all certificates of competency be refreshed at least once every 5 years? Did you know that refresher training does not necessarily need to involve re-attending a complete course?

Work safely at heights

For workers who are exposed to the dangers of working at heights on a regular basis