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Redefining Height Safety and Rescue Training in Australia

Height Safety Courses

At Astra Group, we offer a range of height safety training courses developed to equip those working in dangerous industries with the skills needed to operate safely. Nationally recognised and designed to be completed over 1 – 2 days, these height safety training courses will give participants the theoretical knowledge and real-world skills needed to carry out work safely and perform rescue duties. Training adheres to best-practices and obligations for managing the risk of falls at workplaces to complete training for all workers exposed to potential falls from height.

Height Safety and Rescue Courses

Our height safety training courses are designed to give workers who are exposed to potential falls from working at height, the skills and training required to work safely. 

This combination of theoretical and practical working at heights training using real-world scenarios will help participants to identify potential dangers and operate safely in potentially dangerous environments. Read more about our RIIWHS204D work safely at heights training course.

This very practical two-day course is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge required to perform rescues, using specific methods and rigging techniques to operate safely and efficiently.
With the tower & height safety rescue course, you’ll learn how to respond to incidents, manage a rescue team, perform various types of rescues of self and others, and enact effective risk management strategies and rescue plans.
If you’ve been working in an industry where you’re exposed to heights regularly, this course is designed to refresh your knowledge of height rescue safety and keep your practical rescue skills current.
Participants should complete the working at heights training and rescue refresher course every two years to stay up to date with industry standards.
Gain the skills and knowledge to rescue a suspended or unconscious worker.
EWP Rescue training and controlled descent training is suited for anyone who is regularly operating an EWP. Our EWP Rescue & Controlled Descent Escape course will take participants through multiple techniques to perform self-controlled rescue and rescue of another person using a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP).

Confined Space Courses

Our confined space entry training course is designed for workers who are exposed to the potential risks of working in or around confined spaces.

Considered the industry standard for confined space entry training, this course will teach participants how to enter and work safely in and around confined areas, work in accordance with a permit and monitor atmospheres.

For those working in operational roles undertaking work in confined spaces.
Includes gas test atmospheres and working under an issued permit.

First Aid and CPR Courses

Known as the industry standard in First Aid training, this course is valuable for anyone who work in an environment that regularly deals with patients or clients across all industries.
It addresses the fundamental skills required to provide first aid in a range of situations and will provide participants with the skills and knowledge required to respond to a casualty safely and effectively.
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Height and Safety & CPR Courses Brisbane

Founded in 2017, The School of Height is the inception of a specialist training facility with an emphasis on a hands-on and practical scenario training environment that simulates actual events and real-world situations.

The foundation of this concept was developed on the requirement for industry to be able to not only undertake nationally recognised training in height safety and rope positioning that reflects adequate simulation of work environments, but also meets the requirements of AS/NZS1891.1 Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices, and AS/NZS 4488.2 Industrial rope access systems. As a recognised training organisation, Astra Group offer a range of courses that result in a nationally recognised outcome.

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