Building & Civil Construction

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Enter and work in confined space - basic

For those working in operational roles undertaking work in confined spaces

EWP Rescue and Controlled Descent Escape

Intensive training for those working in and around EWP's and being prepared for a rescue event

Identify, locate and protect underground services

Covers the basic duty of care for locating underground services, prior to the commencement of any excavation works

Low Voltage Rescue and CPR

The LVR component of this training covers the skills and knowledge required for a person to be able to carry out a risk assessment of an electrically hazardous situation and perform low voltage rescue procedures without hazard to themselves or others

Remove non-friable asbestos

 Class B asbestos removal licence work covering the removal of more than ten square metres of non-friable asbestos or any asbestos contaminated dust or debris associated with the removal 

Work safely at heights

For workers who are exposed to the dangers of working at heights on a regular basis