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BERT Training Fund (BTF) is a joint union and Employer initiative which provides members of the Building Employees Redundancy Trust (BERT) with funding and assistance to improve their skills.

BERT Training Fund (BTF) assists in the training of workers in the building and construction industry who are members of the Building Employees Redundancy Trust (BERT). Through skills training, workers can increase their skills, knowledge and expertise. This leads to better employment options, higher wages and a more productive industry.

The Fund was established in 1991 to enable the building and construction industry to take responsibility for the funding of its training needs for employed or unemployed members.

What’s funded under the BERT Training Fund:

CPCCDE3014A Remove non-friable asbestos (b-class)

RIIWHS202D Enter and work in confined spaces

RIIWHS204D Work safely at heights

TLILIC0003 Licence to operate a forklift truck

TLILIC0005 Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (length 11m or more)

First Aid & CPR

Machinery Courses

Health and Safety Representative Course (WHSQ approved training course)

RII30115 Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations

RII40715 Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision

BSB41419 Certificate IV in Work Health & Safety

BSB51319 Diploma of Work Health & Safety

Funding Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a BERT member

  • Course cost must be paid by the applicant or employer prior to commencement

  • Separate application form must be completed for each course to be funded

  • Generally, only accredited training will be eligible for a training grant

  • Training grants are limited to a total of $1 500 per course

  • No funding is provided for RPL assessments or inductions

  • You can seek funding for up to three (3) training activities over a 12 month period, provided the funding for the first two (2) grants was below $1 500

  • Reimbursement by BTF is only made after the training is completed and required documentation is provided (please see the BERT website)

  • Grants remain vaild for a period of three (3) months and will automatically lapse if no contact is made with BTF. Grants for higher level courses, such as Certificate IV and Diploma remain open for a longer duration.

BTF will not generally reimburse the full cost of training. 

It is important to know how much will be reimbursed before you commit to the training.

Applications are formally notified of the level of support BTF can provide (via mail, email, text).

Approval of applications and the amount to be funded will be provided to applicants within ten (10) working days of the grant being lodged.

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