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ASTRA Group Services Pty Ltd (ASTRA) is a “business solutions provider” that delivers end-to-end services in all aspects of Risk Management, Audit and Compliance, Management Systems, HSE Team Resources and Training.

We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO: 31544) and provide a broad range of training and simulation programs that can be contextualised to suit industry and client specific requirements.

ASTRA has always been and continues to remain, wholly customer focused. Providing effective business solutions through a partnering approach based on innovation and independence of thought, but not intrusion.

Since incorporation in 2005, with 10 years of multi-industry experience, ASTRA is now renowned for our ability to recognise and meet client needs. The majority of the work we undertake is repeat business based on strong client relationships and our ability to deliver service excellence.

Thanks to our breadth of experienced professionals – psychologists, scientists, legal practitioners, safety professionals and paramedics – you can receive everything you need to ensure increased safety, minimal risk and improved operational readiness.


Recent Works

From small businesses to international incorporations we have successfully helped hundreds of companies to create tailored training solutions to enhance their organisational goals, development and aspirations.

Whether you want to improve your internal audit protocols, update your onsite OHS resources or review your risk management and safety, from day one we aim to examine both your wants and your needs so we can determine a proactive course of action that will offer you lasting meaningful solutions.

We do what we say we will.

From our educational courses to our commitment to offering you uniquely tailored training solutions, with ASTRA you can feel rest assured that we will support you every step of the way.

We have successfully created numerous customised programs and business solutions that not only meet industry needs, but will surpass your expectations and compliance goals.


Expert Partners Agree

“20 years of attending inductions in the coal industry it was by far the best, most entertaining and informative induction.”

Participant: Standard 11 Induction

“ASTRA has shown that training to them is of the up most importance and I have never been involved with a more professional group in training than I have with ASTRA.”


The Company we keep

Don’t just take our word for it. We judge the quality of our work through the partners and long term relationships we have built.

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