Both the knowledge and application of an effective Risk and WHS Management System is a fundamental requirement for anyone working in, or aspiring to be in a management level position in the resources, energy and major projects sectors. Mining, Civil Construction, Oil and Gas, Quarrying, Metalliferous, this applies to all.

In light of the current events and economic challenges all industries face, managing the ongoing refinement of key systems and procedures and focusing awareness on key risks to safety and operations is more important than ever.

You are shifting focus to respond to threats, and so are we (more on our COV19 Response Strategy here).

While ASTRA has always provided a range of management level support and training programs tailored to these sectors, such uncertain times has called upon a more ‘flexible’ approach.

  1. G3 (RIIRIS601D Establish and maintain the risk management system)
  2. G7 (RIIWHS601D Establish and maintain the WHS management system)
  3. G2 (RIIRIS402D Carry out the risk management system)

Most would be familiar with the QLD Coal Competencies recognised by the Mining Safety and Health Advisory Committee. (No? Brush up on the competencies here).

These three formal competencies are listed as a mandatory competency, or are superior to the listed competency for personnel acting in various senior roles on a QLD Coal Mine Site operation.

These competencies have been part of ASTRA’s specialist delivery suite since our inception (2008).

Fair to say, our delivery capability is proven.

Our focus shift has seen the redevelopment of the critical knowledge, skills and ability to establish and maintain Risk and WHS Management Systems within an organisation, be it face to face, or remote. So we are pleased to present the new structure as a full matrix of distance learning (self-paced progression) solutions.

Program Structure:

This is not your typical suite of management programs.

The programs are structured around the completion of a series of inter-linked activities through self-paced distance / correspondence based learning, and is reliant on active participation throughout the program. Each activity has been designed for workplace application and progressive completion of activities lends further context and scope towards an established system.

Various tasks such as consultation with stakeholders and workforce, the development and implementation of procedures and techniques, design of WHS and risk tools, as well as an internal systems audit result in the safe, effective and efficient establishment and maintenance of risk and WHS management systems.

Be prepared – multiple checkpoints throughout the program will require adjustment and on-going review in response to ‘events’ (simulated) provided by ASTRA SME.

Summary Structure:

  • Scenario based (choice of 3) to suit student background experience or professional interest
  • Self-paced progression
  • Credit transfer from G3 assessments can be applied to G7 and G2 (where completed within this program)
  • Full SME mentoring support via online meetings and student contact helpline
  • Each module can be completed individually or in a matrix sequence to suit individual needs
  • Activity-based Assessment process can be completed to suit individual student circumstances or undertaken within your own workplace

Program content mapped and aligned to ISO 45001 or ISO 31000 as relevant to each module

Program Outcomes:

  • Develop the critical knowledge, skills and ability to establish and maintain Risk and WHS Management Systems appropriate to an organisational context
  • Confidence to identify and evaluate compliance obligations specific to industry legislation
  • Implement, monitor and review the effectiveness of Risk or WHS Management systems

Matrix Solutions:

Depending on your role type and previous formal training history, you can choose between the two matrix solutions, then select the extended program options that suit your requirements.

Content has been blended and approached holistically within the two matrix solutions, so the the extended options ‘bolt on’ and compliment the overall training outcomes.

G3: RIIRIS601D Establish and maintain the risk management system

Extended Program Options for blended ‘fast-track’ outcomes:

G7: RIIWHS601D Establish and maintain the WHS management system

G2: RIIRIS402D Carry out the risk management processes

G7: RIIWHS601D Establish and maintain the WHS management system

Extended Program Options for blended ‘fast-track’ outcomes:

G2: RIIRIS402D Carry out the risk management processes

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