COVID-19. What have you done

As we begin to understand the unprecedented global and national health crisis, it’s important to ask the questions…

  • How are we responding now?
  • What have we done so far?
  • What should we be doing?
  • Is what we are doing sustainable?

Navigating the myriad of noise and information (and in some cases mis-information), advice, predictions and in most cases concern as to what the future may hold and who will be impacted while continue to a challenge we all face moving forward.

We (ASTRA) are fortunate in that we operate with a fairly small team of specialists, so social distancing / working remotely can be readily implemented whilst ensuring minimal disruption to customers and employees.

This is critical and forms part of our business philosophy – ASTRA has always been and continues to remain, wholly customer focused.

So, what have we done?

For us it’s business as usual, but with some additional measures to contribute to minimising the risk of spread.

Because doing nothing; a “wait and see” approach was and is not an option. And, as risk management specialists, we know the most effective process in carrying out the risk identification is to:

  1. Identify the hazards
  2. Assess the risks
  3. Control the risks
  4. Review the control measures

After much researching, after consulting with the team and with some specialist health care input we have taken some very specific actions:

  • COVID-19 awareness training for ASTRA team

  • Scheduled Training on premise – reduced numbers to 4:1 Trainer to Student ratio

  • Zoom online meetings encouraged over face to face meetings

  • Split the team – 50% remote work; 50% on-premise to manage calls and enquiries

  • Established separation distances (minimum 1.5m)

  • Eliminate contact (this includes handshakes)

  • Daily premise cleaning and hygiene regimes

  • Business continuity review and update (ISO risk register); and

  • Very importantly, mutually support and protect each other.

Central to the broader strategy is the need to make an informed assessment of the likelihood of exposure that could result from and to persons attending our facilities.

To facilitate this – and without breaching confidentiality or creating concern – we have prepared a Self-evaluation Declaration to be completed before a person enters the building.


This is not a time to get precious about IP or copyright. If it is of any assistance feel free to download, modify and adapt to your organisational context.

And if you can improve it then please do so and send us back your version or feedback and we can share that as well!

Training for your Team

If you would like a free copy of the COVID-19 awareness training slides or would appreciate accessing other resources we have prepared for our purposes which may assist you, complete the following form below to get it sent direct to your inbox.

Many people will be directly and indirectly affected by the coronavirus and everyone from the ASTRA team hope you and all your families stay healthy in the weeks and months ahead.

Thanks for your continued support.